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Placing a Headstone

It is not only a custom of most faiths, but also a gesture of respect to mark the grave of a loved one. Some families choose to place a headstone shortly after the funeral, while other families choose to wait until the first anniversary of the death to place the headstone. The process of selecting a headstone is an important one. We are here to help at every step from selecting the size, shape and color to pouring the foundation and paying permit fees at the cemetery to designing the inscription.  We can even help with readings or prayers for a private headstone dedication ceremony if you wish.  Whether you’d like to stop in to meet in person or prefer to work through e-mail, our experienced staff is here to assist you. Our prices are always competitive and our service is unmatched.

Monument Selection

Our extensive selection features a variety of shapes and sizes from flat tile markers to larger die and base styles in single or double width. We also feature a full range of text and design options including Hebrew, English and Russian lettering, etchings, religious symbols and secular symbols. Whether you are matching a family headstone, adding an inscription or date to an existing headstone or choosing a new monument style, we can help. We can also assist with affixing plaques. Please contact us at your convenience to set up a free consultation with no obligation.

Monument Options

There are four basic styles of grave markers. The featured photographs offer a small sample of the different colors and shapes available. Once your family has decided on a basic style, we can modify the size, color, number of polished edges and inscription to fit your family’s unique preferences.

Slant Markers

Triangular in shape, this headstone is typically 10″ deep at the bottom and is usually 16″ high. It is available in single or double width.  This monument can be placed on a base if you prefer some additional height.  Its top can be serpentine, straight or oval in shape.  The slant marker has five surfaces, all of which can be polished.

Dakota Mahogany
Morning Rose

Bevel Markers

This headstone style typically has a depth of 12″. It is usually approximately 8-12″ high in the back with a 2″ drop toward the front. It is available in single or double width. The engraved surface is always polished. The sides can also be polished or even engraved at the family’s request.

Wausau Red
Confetti Black

Die & Base Markers

This headstone is the tallest monument style. The die (the upper portion) is generally rectangular in shape with a depth (thickness) of 6 – 8″, but various custom shapes are also available. The die height can be 20″ or higher and has five surfaces, all of which can be polished. The top can be serpentine, straight or oval shaped. Usually the die is placed on a granite base. The base is typically rectangular in shape offers about 2” or more around the perimeter of the die. The die and base combination offers the most options for custom design and is available in single, double or triple width.

Barre Grey
Midnight Black

Flat / Grass Markers

This headstone usually has a depth of 12″, a single width of 24” and a height of 4″ and is available in single or double width. It is usually set flush with the ground by the cemetery. Some cemeteries require a flat marker because it offers easier maintenance of the surrounding graves. Smaller flat tile markers are also available with a depth of 8” and width of 16”.

Charcoal Grey
Barre Grey

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